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Wall Insulation With Vinyl or Aluminum Siding

August 18, 2013 | Posted by Mitt Jones

Homeowners often ask if they can blow insulation into their walls even if they have vinyl or aluminum siding. The answer, in short: No problem. As usual, though, a little more information might help.

One consideration is whether the homeowners plan to remove the vinyl or aluminum siding in the future, to go back to the wood siding underneath. If the answer is yes, we suggest insulating from the inside so that the installers don’t have to drill through the wood siding, which will prevent the need to replace that siding later.

If you plan to keep your vinyl or aluminum siding, insulating from the outside usually makes sense. Vinyl siding is easy to work with and pretty hard to damage, as long as it’s not really old and brittle.

Aluminum siding is not very forgiving, to say the least. A crew that works with it often and knows how to handle it should be able to leave it in almost as good a shape as they find it. If you’re adamantly opposed to even slight damage to the aluminum siding here and there, then insulating from the inside is probably the right solution. 

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