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Nest Learning Thermostat and the Interconnected Home

January 23, 2015 | Posted by Sensible Energy Solutions

Nest_heating_small.jpgYes, absolutely, the Nest Learning Thermostat looks marvelous on pretty much any wall, but the real advantage of the Nest for most homeowners has more to with its brains than its good looks. The Nest is smart enough to learn when you want heat and when you don’t—no programing required. It also lets you control the temperature of your home over the ‘net, from your living room or across the globe.

Key Features of the Nest Learning Thermostat

  • Auto-Schedule™ - As the world’s first learning thermostat, Nest learns the temperatures you like and will create its own program according to your preferences. You like to wake up warm, but like a cooler bedroom at night? Make custom adjustments during your first week of use, and after that Nest will program itself.
  • Auto-Away™ - Nest takes built-in efficiency measures. automatically detecting when you’re not home and adjusting to an energy-saving temperature. You may have forgotten to turn down the heat for your winter getaway, but Nest didn’t.
  • Remote Control™ - You can adjust the temperature from anywhere. Gone are the days of waiting for the house to cool down after work on a summer day; now, you can set your thermostat from your phone before you leave the office.
  • The Leaf - Nest will guide you in the right direction, displaying a leaf symbol when your thermostat is at an energy-efficient temperature. An emblem of energy and money savings, the Leaf also tracks data over time to show how much energy you save.

Save More with Nest Plus An Energy Audit

Having a smart thermostat doesn’t automatically mean your home is performing as efficiently as it could. Taking steps to ensure your home isn’t losing conditioned air through leaks, poor insulation, inefficient combustion appliances, and dirty ventilation systems will lay the foundation for interior comfort, efficiency, and monthly savings on your energy bill.  

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